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What we do

At Retention Labs, we understand that effective communication is the key to success for any ecommerce brand. That's why we specialize in crafting personalized and data-driven email and SMS campaigns that help you maximize customer lifetime value, boost retention, and drive revenue growth.

01 — Email Marketing

Drive conversions and build customer loyalty with targeted and visually captivating emails.

02 — SMS Marketing

Boost customer retention with personalized SMS messages that deliver your brand's message directly to their fingertips.

03 — Lead Capturing

Convert website visitors through captivating pop-ups that engage, capture, and nurture prospects towards conversion.

Case Studies

Before and After picture of case study.

Travel Backpacks

Removed emails from spam folder and added an extra 20% to their revenue in 90 days.

Before and After picture of case study.


Added and optimized flows and used personalized targeted campaigns to generate 50% of entire revenue from email and SMS.

Before and After picture of case study.

Kids Clothing

Build their entire backend email system from scratch which generates an extra 30% MRR.

Before and After picture of case study.

Beach Essentials

Optimized their current flows and created a campaign strategy that focuses on nurturing their customers leading them to purchase.

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